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About us

MANIVA TECH founded in 1969 based in Piraeus port focused on marine field specializing in
safety closures as well as other special products for interior and exterior use of shipbuilding
industry and yachting products as you will find on this website.

MANIVA TECH supplies the shipping industry in a wide range of marine Fire Doors Class-A,
Weather Tight and Water Tight light or heavy – duty Doors and Closures most tested and
approved according to IMO /SOLAS requirements.

We have the experience to serve markets such as: cruise ferries, fast ferries, bulk carriers, tanker ships, navy ships, tug boats and mega yachts.
MANIVA TECHs’ marine products are fabricated in steel, stainless steel, aluminum and also synthetic materials (GRP).

40-years of experience enable us both flexible production and the realization of tailored high quality products offering you many years of performance in the rough marine environment.

Our company is moving forward in the marine field with top quality constructions, durable
products, effective delivery time, installation service and competitive prices.
It is our priority to design and manufacture products that fulfill all prospects in terms of
functionality, safety and style.

MANIVA TECH is complying with ISO 9001: 2000.


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Latest products


MANIVA TECH’s Scuppers Angle or Straight


Doors in expert custom designs for exterior or interior use .


You can find them in steel, stainless steel and aluminum.


In various sizes and shapes tailored to meet specific


Special customized doors on several configuration shapes providing flexible solutions for the convenience of loading / unloading vehicles, on Ro/Ro and Ferry ships.


Executive doors designed to give your Mega-Yacht that extra bit of luxury.